Hydrolyzed collagen

Collagen is a family of specific fibrous structural proteins that surround the cells of certain connective tissues of mammals, and of humans. These proteins are made by the connective tissue cells and maintain cohesion and good mechanical resistance to the stretching of these same tissues.

We can speak of collagens in the plural because following the localization of the connective tissues, the types of collagen will have different structures and properties, mainly resistance or elasticity.

The largest proportion of collagen is found in bone tissue. But there are collagens of different types in the joints, the skin, the hair, the eyes, the blood vessels, certain muscles ... One will speak, for example, of collagen of type 1 or of type 2, even 3 and more.

Collagen protein will not be assimilated by the body but eliminated naturally. It requires a hydrolysis of the collagen protein to give it the possibility of being assimilated and used. This hydrolysis splits the large molecules of collagen into bio-available amino acids. Proline and glycine but also other amino acids. Basically, we "break" the protein to be able to use its components!

Collagen therefore has excellent digestibility for optimal assimilation. It is free of purines, fat and unlike gelatin, it does not cause bloating.

Collagens of animal origin, mammals or fish, have specific amino acid compositions very close to human collagens. They will therefore be the most active and able to give therapeutic results.

Why is collagen sometimes missing and why supplement?

So the body makes the collagen that it needs throughout life. But, as always different factors of life influence more or less positively this natural manufacture. The weakening of metabolic vitality due to age, excessive destruction of the connective tissues and lack of nutrient intake necessary for this manufacture are the main reasons why the body does not produce enough collagen to alleviate the alteration of the articular, bone and connective tissues in general. A supplement such as Joint-col added to a normal diet may be necessary and beneficial to aid with this process.

Note that the foods richest in assimilable collagen are products little consumed today, broth of fat, tripe, kidneys, veal stock, bones, joints ... One consumes only the so-called noble parts of animals!

A supply of Collagen peptides, for example Beauti-Col, will be beneficial to all people that are concerned with the aging process and the sooner you start the better. For athletes, Sports-Col has the right combination to help with the stimulation of collagen in the body.

Should we take collagen peptides for bone and joint health?

To have strong bones, we often think of calcium, vitamin D, but we totally forget collagen. Now it is collagen which is very important in the bone weft and which gives it its resistance. A bit like steel rods in reinforced concrete. If collagen runs out, it is all the strength of the bone that is being questioned, and calcium, vitamin D will not suffice.

Is Joint-Col intake effective against osteoarthritis and joint problems in general?

As we have seen, hydrolyzed collagen is the main constituent of the extracellular matrix which maintains resistance and elasticity to connective tissues. Therefore, Joint-Col is essential for soft and resistant tendons, a healthy cartilage, strong bones and therefore young joints, resistant and which regenerate quickly despite the years.

Less collagen means more stiffness, fragility in the articular cartilages, tendons that maintain these joints. If the body struggles to make enough collagen, if the alterations of this or that joint are important, stiffness, pain, rupture, tissue disaggregation, etc. will rapidly appear. Quality of life and physical possibilities will be rapidly degraded.

The use of hydrolysed collagen and / or nutrients for its natural production can greatly improve the pain at first, then restore suppleness and better resistance, and finally, in the long term, regenerate worn and altered cartilages and tissues.

A person of 50 years and more will have to continue the cure several months to optimize the results and specially to allow the body to slowly regenerate the tissue alterations. But an adequate and sufficiently long treatment gives always or almost progressive results.

Is InnerCol Collagen Peptides compatible with taking anti-inflammatory drugs?

It should be noted that medicinal anti-inflammatories relieve the pain momentarily but do not solve the wear and tear of the cartilages. On the contrary, by attacking the digestive processes, by altering the chondrocytes that make the collagen, they can in the long term accentuate the problems and the degradation of the tissues.

However, taking hydrolyzed collagen or nutrients such as Joint-Col or Sports-Col it is totally compatible with taking these medications. But We always recommend that you consult your doctor, before taking it as a precaution.

Also note that there are plant extracts, nutrients with proven anti-inflammatory effects and no side effects. Harpagophytum secondary root extract, concentrated extract of turmeric and pepper, MSM and celadrin, extracts of meadow queen, nettle and horsetail, etc.

These different products combine perfectly with a hydrolyzed collagen cure by slowing the mechanisms of degradation, acidosis, draining the toxins accumulated in the tissues, activating the basic cellular metabolism, protecting the chondrocytes.

For osteoarthritis, arthritis, on any joint, vertebral pain, associate a hydrolyzed collagen complex or nutrients favorable to its natural synthesis and an anti-inflammatory and draining plant-based supplement.

Does taking Beauti-Col work on wrinkles and the condition of the skin?

The skin is therefore a connective tissue rich in collagen. The cells of the dermis manufacture this supporting collagen frame which makes the skin so supple and resistant, which is also a thermal insulator.

As we have explained, the lower regeneration of collagen, decreased metabolic vitality, altered tissue by accidents, living conditions, UV suns and air pollution for the skin, mean that aging The skin arrives more or less quickly.

Less hydration, less flexibility, increased fragility, and the skin ages faster and faster, losing its shine, and starts to sag.

The hydrolyzed collagen and the hyaluronic acid which contribute to its manufacture are essential to slow and delay the appearance of the signs of aging of the skin, fine lines, structural wrinkles, dryness, sagging, in case of significant weight loss, distended skin ...

According to the diet more or less rich in animal collagen, depending on the general hygiene of life, and exposure to ultraviolet, it will be advantageous to start early with adding hydrolyzed collagen supplement such as Beauti-Col and  anti-oxidants to your anti-aging plan to help delay the inescapable processes of skin aging.

It should also be noted that the collagen hydrolyzate has very positive effects on the growth of hair and nails. By stimulation of the chondrocytes in particular. The keratin which constitutes the essential part of the hair has a protein structure very close to the collagen.

Is collagen beneficial to other organs or functions?

All the connective tissues in the body are likely to benefit from the beneficial effects of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid as essential nutrients and antioxidants.

Thus the lungs and blood vessels are rich in collagen fibers including elastin. The eyes also, especially the lens.

The body has its vital intelligence which makes it preserve above all the essential organs. Thus, a lack of collagen will first be felt on the skin and the joints, the bones before touching the more vital organs that are the lungs and the arteries and veins.

However, in case of alterations of the pulmonary tissues, the arterial and the venous walls, the taking of hydrolyzed collagen can only be beneficial and activate the rapid regeneration of these tissues. Elastin gives so much flexibility and resistance to our lungs, and our veins.

Finally, let us mention the eyes, whose lens is made of collagen fibers, collagen that also supports the eyeball. An additional supply of collagen can benefit a good state of the lens, and relieve the fatigue of the eyeball. With age, collagen is susceptible to alteration and opacification, leading to early cataract. Taking hydrolyzed collagen can be effective especially if it is associated with proper nutrition and specific antioxidants including lutein, carotenoids.


Hydrolyzed collagen has proved its nutritional and therapeutic value. Collagen peptides could assist to slows down the harmful effects of premature aging of certain tissues, relieves pain due to alterations of these tissues and the functions they govern, and stimulates and activates tissue regeneration.

Finally, let's not forget a healthy diet, rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins AEC, Zinc and selenium, calcium and magnesium, iron and trace elements. And of course, the essential fatty acids omega-3 and -6 from unrefined oils of first pressure cold.